Loqui is latin for To Speak, tell, talk. LoquilLife aims to speak about life and breath life as we navigate through this 21st-century walk. These meet-ups are a very low-key gathering of a community of people from all walks of life, race, creed, weight, height, status, nationality etc coming together to share, commune and bear witness.

Most importantly, Loquilife’s goal is to provide respectful and reflective conversations about what it is like doing life in these times.

There’s so much information and expectations being thrust at us and very little intentional face-to-face time with others hearing and living the very same experiences we are. Loquilife aims to provide a place for free exchange ideas, challenge our thinking and make new or  meet old friends.

Our founding values
“LoquiLife” is about friendship, love and umunthu (humankindness).

With the busyness of life, it would be great if we could meet up weekly but realistically we can only meet once a month or when calendars permit. We meet for 2 hours on a weekend. Beverages and snacks are provided but you are welcome to bring your favourite snacks. We ask that you RSVP once details of the meet-up you would like to attend are announced so we know how many people to expect.

Reading (UK).  Confirmation of exact location of the next meet-up will be confirmed when once you let us know you are coming. This may change depending on numbers.

All are welcome. Regardless of marital status, age, nationality, faith, your location etc. You all have a story to share and we would love to hear it.

Every meet-up, we will discuss topics that affect our daily lives or one that can challenge our mindset. At least three weeks before the next meet-up, we will provide different accessible media that is easily digestible and fits into your busy schedule. These can be a book, a newspaper article, a song, a movie etc. Visit Previous Meet-Ups to see what we have been up to and Upcoming for what’s coming next.

Different people can facilitate the meet-up so if you have a topic you would like to lead then let us know through the I’ll be there contact form.

It is important that opinions are respected.

The lens through which we all view life is subject to our experience. This provides a richness but also tensions as we negotiate between different value systems. We ask all those who are coming to meet-up to be mindful of this and respect views that are different to their own.